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The Noble Room

I had been involved with the Wright Home and Studio pretty much since square one and had just served a few months

The Noble Room2021-01-21T15:26:57-06:00

In the Beginning

In the BeginningSometime in the late Spring of 1975, I began leading tours at Unity Temple. It was shortly after what is

In the Beginning2021-01-05T11:22:00-06:00

“Cement Gun” Invention

Shotcrete was used to repair the concrete façade of Unity Temple in the 1970s and again during the recent restoration completed in

“Cement Gun” Invention2020-12-14T14:54:41-06:00

A Temple Made of Light

Wood, concrete, steel, and glass.If someone were to ask you what a building is constructed from, these are the likely the first

A Temple Made of Light2020-11-29T16:49:09-06:00

Cloisters of Unity Temple

Wright is much like a cinematographer in the way he evokes emotions with architecture. This is nowhere more evident than at Unity

Cloisters of Unity Temple2020-11-19T12:12:39-06:00

Emerson, Wright, and Unity Temple

Unity Temple anecdote—November, 2020Many of us longtime interpreters at the Home & Studio and at Unity Temple have stories to tell about

Emerson, Wright, and Unity Temple2020-10-27T15:33:13-05:00

Lost Letters at Unity Temple

Ten years ago, on September 30th, it was discovered that the epigram "FOR THE WORSHIP OF GOD AND THE SERVICE OF MAN"

Lost Letters at Unity Temple2020-10-27T15:34:41-05:00

Unity Temple and the Klesert House

There is an interesting connection between UNITY TEMPLE and a house that will be featured on Wright Plus 2021, the John Klesert

Unity Temple and the Klesert House2020-10-09T09:44:36-05:00

Is Unity Temple a Music Box?

Edward Lifson and Tim Samuelson once lectured in the Unity Temple cube to discuss its formation. They wondered: Instead of simply describing

Is Unity Temple a Music Box?2020-09-28T14:07:47-05:00
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