Concrete Column Capitals

Lacking any other exterior ornamentation, the geometric forms cast into the concrete columns tucked under the eaves of Unity Temple catch your

Concrete Column Capitals2021-09-28T11:02:53-05:00

The Gale Family

The lot upon which Unity Temple was constructed was purchased from a prominent congregation member, Edwin O. Gale. The Gale family had

The Gale Family2021-08-16T14:43:03-05:00

Wright’s use of Froebel Blocks

For anyone wanting to broaden their understanding of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design philosophy and techniques, I highly recommend an important book: Inventing

Wright’s use of Froebel Blocks2021-07-08T10:56:14-05:00

Post Office Neighbor

When Unity Temple was constructed, it was surrounded by houses with the exception of the First Congregational Church and Scoville Institute across

Post Office Neighbor2021-06-16T12:00:55-05:00

Roberts & Wright Collaborations

Charles Roberts had many interests and activities: inventor, manufacturer, educator, and musician to name but a few. Of these wide ranging activities,

Roberts & Wright Collaborations2021-06-08T13:33:14-05:00

Hillside at Taliesin

Until Covid-19, I worked for 25 years in various capacities at Taliesin Preservation, including as its historian. When asked to write something

Hillside at Taliesin2021-05-24T11:13:32-05:00

Victorian Society of America

As Director of the Victorian Society in America Chicago Summer School program, I have the opportunity to visit many unforgettable buildings in

Victorian Society of America2021-04-05T15:29:14-05:00
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