Victorian Society of America

As Director of the Victorian Society in America Chicago Summer School program, I have the opportunity to visit many unforgettable buildings in

Victorian Society of America2021-04-05T15:29:14-05:00

Two Fires Produce Two New Churches

It is easy to find contrasting architectural styles throughout Oak Park. The starkest contrasts are often between the steeply peaked roofs and

Two Fires Produce Two New Churches2021-03-25T15:34:39-05:00

The Wrights and Augusta Chapin

It is well known that Frank Lloyd Wright came from a family of Unitarians and that he designed Unity Temple while he

The Wrights and Augusta Chapin2021-03-01T18:03:04-06:00

How Did He Dream It?

Contributor Peggy Lami was captured on a first visit to Unity Temple in March of 1985, leading to decades of Wright+ station

How Did He Dream It?2021-02-22T14:22:20-06:00

Who Was Edward Ehrman?

On June 9, 1905, only five days after the fire which destroyed the old Unity Church, the congregation voted unanimously to build

Who Was Edward Ehrman?2021-02-02T14:30:17-06:00

The Noble Room

I had been involved with the Wright Home and Studio pretty much since square one and had just served a few months

The Noble Room2021-01-21T15:26:57-06:00

In the Beginning

In the BeginningSometime in the late Spring of 1975, I began leading tours at Unity Temple. It was shortly after what is

In the Beginning2021-01-05T11:22:00-06:00

“Cement Gun” Invention

Shotcrete was used to repair the concrete façade of Unity Temple in the 1970s and again during the recent restoration completed in

“Cement Gun” Invention2020-12-14T14:54:41-06:00
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