2021 Year-End Letter

We are hopeful about the future of UTRF and Unity Temple – there, we said it. HOPE, not despair. It’s been a tough year and a half for everyone around the world, but because of the overwhelming support of donors like you, UTRF is poised for a banner year. We are looking forward to the future with enthusiasm and big plans!

That is not to say that 2021 didn’t present challenges, of course it did. Unity Temple remained closed for most of the year, opening only recently for programs. As a result, managing our expenses has been even more challenging than usual and we had to get creative by finding opportunities to keep the doors open and earn revenue virtually.

Virtual Events
• chamber music concerts
• inaugural Vintage Home Show
• restoration documentary premier followed by a panel of experts
• new UTRF blog with guest author contributions
• Wright Virtual Visits, partnering with 20 public Wright sites around the country

Live Programming
A full calendar of programming has kicked off this past September including chamber music, dance, architectural lectures, and planning is already underway for the 2022-2023 season. For those of you able to attend these programs in person, we thank you for your participation. The musicians and dancers have been thrilled to be performing live, and because of YOU we are able to support the livelihood of these artists.

In addition to an interesting selection of programs, our Cyclical Maintenance Plan will be completed in a few months, allowing UTRF and the congregation to have access to important information regarding the long-term care and upkeep of Unity Temple. To plan for the future, UTRF has established Unity Temple Stewards – donors who pledge $1,000 for three years designated for our capital reserve for building preservation.

Members & Volunteers
To better serve our members, we updated our membership program this year to include new benefits such as access to recorded programs (live and virtual), a quarterly newsletter, and informational videos about the restoration and history of Unity Temple. We have opened up more opportunities to connect with UTRF as a volunteer, whether ushering at a concert, writing blog posts, or helping to promote UTRF, volunteers are an integral part of our operations.

Thank you
You’ve already done so much to support UTRF, and we would be grateful for your continued support this year. Please consider a financial contribution to support our ongoing efforts to preserve Unity Temple for many generations to come. Contributions of any size can be directed to our general operating fund, or you can sign up to become a Unity Temple Steward, or both!

As always, please feel free to call, email, visit (or even Zoom!) any time.

Sincerely and with much gratitude,

Heidi Ruehle, Executive Director and Brad White, Board President

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The campaign to raise funds for a capital reserve is ongoing; gifts can be designated to support the long-term preservation of Unity Temple or as a general donation.

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