Design Elements of Unity Temple

David Sokol is the author of the book The Noble Room which gives a historical perspective of Wright's process in designing and building

Design Elements of Unity Temple2022-05-17T11:25:33-05:00

Masonry Masterpieces

Masonry Masterpieces from Start to Finish World class photo artist Pedro Guerrero said “... many grow timid when they grow old, Frank

Masonry Masterpieces2022-04-25T15:16:05-05:00

Inspiring Art Through Adaptive Reuse

You may know EverGreene from our work restoring and reviving historic theaters and performance spaces, but did you know that our work

Inspiring Art Through Adaptive Reuse2022-03-18T11:00:52-05:00

A Radical Break with Tradition

Context for a radical break with tradition I clearly remember the first time I set eyes on Unity Temple, about fifteen years

A Radical Break with Tradition2022-03-07T14:22:09-06:00

Wright’s Oak Park Evolution of Style

When guiding guests through Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park Home & Studio, which Wright initially designed in 1889 and expanded and continually

Wright’s Oak Park Evolution of Style2022-02-14T14:40:46-06:00

Unity Temple Model

In the summer of 1976 before I left for college, I delivered a 1/4" scale model of Unity Temple to The Unity

Unity Temple Model2022-02-01T13:18:24-06:00

Muntu Dance Theatre

Unity Dance Series Muntu Dance Theatre October 23, 2021 “In essence you are visitors to our village which is wherever we are.

Muntu Dance Theatre2022-02-14T14:39:34-06:00

Music in Unity Temple

I recently attended two concerts at Unity Temple, one by Lincoln Trio and the other by Cellissimo. These were my first experiences

Music in Unity Temple2021-12-21T14:55:28-06:00
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