Wright Virtual Visits

Unity Temple Restoration Foundation, in partnership with the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, announces Wright Virtual Visits, a social media initiative highlighting Frank Lloyd Wright-designed public sites that are closed due to COVID-19. Every Thursday each participating site will share a short video tour of another site via social media. The list of participating sites, with links to their social media profiles, is available at SaveWright.org/WrightVirtualVisits.

According to the Unity Temple Restoration Foundation executive director, Heidi Ruehle, “The participating organizations have been collaborating even before the pandemic to discover methods to cross-market our sites and provide support as many are functioning with limited staff and resources. This initiative is another way for us to broaden awareness of our missions and provide a virtual source of artistic entertainment while visitors are unable to explore these magnificent spaces in person.”

As social distancing and stay-at-home orders have swept the country, many of these sites have had to close their doors. These measures are crucial to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting the staff, volunteers, and visitors who usually fill these extraordinary spaces with life.  

As Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy Executive Director Barbara Gordon said, “it is precisely at this time, when so many are shut inside, that we need to experience beauty and inspiration. Wright’s works bring people together in harmony with the natural world, reminding us that we are all connected, even when we’re apart.”

All public sites have been significantly affected by this pandemic, many are facing major budget shortfalls and have had to furlough staff. These tours will draw attention to these important landmarks and prompt individuals to give generously to ensure that all are able to resume operations after this crisis has passed.